Quality Managment Systems Representative



1. Possess at least three (3) years’ experience in Quality Assurance, preferred.

2. Certified Lead Auditor, or the ability to obtain within 1 year of employment certification through British Standards Institution (BSI).

3. Have a strong understanding and ability to work in Microsoft Office software programs. Be able to calculate percentages, mark ups, weighted averages, and basic algebra capabilities.

4. Must possess the knowledge and ability to effectively conduct different types of audits in a professional, ethical, and objective manner using and interpreting applicable standards/requirements.

5. Must be able to effectively plan, develop, communicate, and execute an audit within a defined scope, including resource scheduling, conducting necessary meetings in performance of the audit, using appropriate auditing techniques.

6. Must have excellent organizational skills.

7. Must possess a valid driver's license.

8. Must be willing to travel to Pyrotechnique by Grucci’s (PbG) work locations in Virginia and New York.

9. Be able to read, speak, write, and understand English.

10. Be able to work and communicate well with others.

11. Must be able to receive clearance from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE).

12. Must work effectively in an atmosphere of dignity and respect for clients and co-workers.

13. Must be able to interact with people from diverse cultural, economic, and ethnic backgrounds.

14. Be able to interpret engineering drawings.

15. Be knowledgeable of handling hazardous material.

16. Be able to work all overtime as required.

1. Acts as Quality Management Representative and Lead Auditor for Pyrotechnique by Grucci (PbG).

2. Must ensure that the Quality Management System (QMS) processes are established, implemented, and maintained.

3. Multi-Site Responsibility that will require in range from Certified to Compliant at PbG – Radford, Virginia, PbG -Delanson, New York and the PbG – ShaeDawn facility in Dublin, Virginia.

4. Maintains the Quality Management System in a state that conforms to ISO standards and promotes process approach and risk-based thinking methodologies.

5. Must be committed to ISO and the company's Quality Management System ensuring the Quality Policy and quality objectives are communicated to all employees.

6. Shares accountability for the effectiveness of the Quality Management System ensuring the Quality Policy and quality objectives are established and compatible with the context of the company.

7. Ensures reports are made to top management on the performance of the Quality Management System and any need for improvement.

8. Conducts Quarterly Management Review meetings, gathering required information from management team and updating presentation.

9. Responsible for property management system analysis for government furnished materials and equipment. This includes ensuring all information is up-to-date and accurate to validate contractor compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulation 52.245-1 Government Property (GP) and other contractual requirements. Government property consists of Government-Furnished Property (GFP) and Contractor-Acquired Property (CAP).

10. Prepares yearly Internal Audit Schedule based on analysis of previous year's audit data in accordance with ISO standards.

11. Prepares internal audit documents and materials and schedules audits with the appropriate personnel.

12. Conducts internal and external quality audits in accordance with ISO standards.

13. Prepares interim and final internal audit reports.

14. Conducts opening internal audit meetings and participates in audit.

15. Maintains Corrective Action Register for internal audits and tracks long-term/short term corrective actions and Opportunities for Improvement (OFI’s) to completion.

16. Maintains internal audit files.

17. Actively participate in, lead, and facilitate teams. Must be able to train teams on how quality principles relate to business processes and explain the importance of aligning the audit function to the organization.

18. Coordinates schedule for ISO Registrar Registration Audits.

19. Assists staff in preparation for Registration Audits.

20. Demonstrate commitment to equal employment opportunity and affirmative action at PbG. Prevent all types of unlawful workplace harassment and ensure all employees are treated fairly and equitably without discrimination.

21. Abide by all company policies and procedures and comply with all governmental laws and regulations.

22. Participates in scheduled staff meetings.

23. Performs yearly reviews of Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.’s), Standard Inspection Procedures (S.I.P.’s) and Management Programs and Policies (M.P.P.s), as assigned.

24. Reviews and approves all new and revised procedures and forms.

25. Creates procedures and forms for various purposes, as needed.

26. Participates in the submission of proposals and solicitations.

27. Participates in all contract reviews.

28. Participates in all requests for quotes.

29. Acts as a consultant to Quality and production departments.

30. Oversees the Quality Improvement Program.

31. Reads and interprets engineering drawings.

32. Obeys all company work and safety rules.

33. Performs all other duties as required by management.

Organization Pyrotechnique by Grucci, Inc.
Industry Management Jobs
Occupational Category Quality Managment Systems Representative
Job Location Virginia,USA
Shift Type Morning
Job Type Full Time
Gender No Preference
Career Level Intermediate
Salary 67000 - 84900 | $  / Yearly
Experience 3 Years
Posted at 2023-05-26 5:34 pm
Expires on 2023-07-10